Songs and blogs and skunks oh my. 

Happy Labor Day weekend folks! 

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday in whatever form you see fit. 
It’s hot hot hot in Cali but I’m not complaining because at least it isn’t in the 100’s. 
So in light of my pre order 3 song EP campaign I thought I’d say an extra big thank you to everyone who has decided to support the music, those that are planning on it and those who are helping me spread the word! THANK YOU! MUCHAS GRACIAS! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!! NAIS TUKE!! 
If you haven’t shared the link for the campaign PLEASE DO!! I need ALL of your help to get it out there as this is about at independent as an Artist can get! Lol! That really is the big difference of being in a label as they have the ability to get your music heard far and wide. We’re doing this with People Power though and we are a force to be reckoned with are we not!? So please share the hell out of it for me and Thank you for All you’ve done already!!! 
The song I posted a snippet of White Lillies was written maybe 8 years ago. I’m a huge fan of Appalachian and traditional folk music, the starker and more haunting the better. My father has so many of these ancient songs in his brain and taught me several as a teen and I was hooked. There’s something about the way they are sung and played that just hits your heart like a beautiful painful dagger. I’m hoping to be able to record some of them with him. He said he was up for it So universe willing I’ll be able to share that with you guys in the near future ( fingers crossed )! 

This song basically wrote itself. I don’t have a good story about how I was trying to express a certain something rather this time it just came. I sat down to play my guitar and the chord progression formed then the words just came to me like I was listening to a voice singing them. Really kind of a mysterious thing when I think about it. The lyrics speak of a lover Mourning the loss of the beloved, eternally searching for them through eternity, calling out to them through song like a Siren to try and find them again, to be reunited. Also a warning that should the song be heard by a strangers ears the curse that befell the beloved could land on them as well. 

Music is such a mysterious thing. I truly do believe that sometimes if you’re lucky it does just arrive, or comes through you from another place entirely. Perhaps it lives in the collective unconscious already and we just tap into it from time to time. When you listen to Mozart or Bach it seems like they must have been tapped in to some other sphere of consciousness to be able to write such incredible music and so prolifically. Of course having training in classical music and theory is a huge part of it for geniuses like them but there is something otherworldly in their music for sure. 

I’ll often hear music or songs in my head both waking and while dreaming and wonder if they already exist or if I created them myself. It doesn’t really matter I suppose but I do wonder. I had recorded it a while back on my own playing a bass 6 and it sounded good but something always felt like it was missing. Mel Sanson my very talented singer/songwriter friend came in and we did it as a duet and finally FINALLY it sounded the way it had in my head! Joy! That’s one thing about songwriting, you know the difference intrinsically between when it’s not quite there and when it’s right. This felt beyond right and it was like breathing a huge sigh of relief that it was finally done. I’m really thrilled that you guys are liking it so far. I didn’t know if the style was too different for people. You never know until you share it though right? Thank you for all the positive feedback and all the love you’ve given me and my music. 

I’m sitting outside writing this on my phone and this huge green iridescent beetle just flew over and landed on my knee, fluttered his wings, wiggled his rump then flew off again so obviously he says HI! To all of you too:) 

Oh yes- apologies for the quirks in the store, should be fixed now but sorry about that AND we now have 3XL sizes for you should you be so inclined :) 

I Love You 
I Hug you 
And I hope you all had a great weekend 

ALM Debut EP - RAW LIVE LO-FI - Pre order now!  

So, at long last I’m gonna be sharing new music with you! Those of you who have been with me on Social Media for a while now will know that I write sing and play music and have since I was toodling around as a kid. My Music/Art Collaborative project Armed Love Militia has produced a very unique EP of songs that are recorded Live, Raw, one take, Lo-Fi & uncut sounding exactly as they do in the room. I am really proud of them.

We live in a time where almost every piece of music we hear has been digitally adjusted, pieced and patched, auto tuned and altered to be beyond perfect. Nothing wrong with it either but the performances I love best are almost always the live ones. I love hearing the breaths of the artist and the intimacy that live recordings have. I was always the one looking for cool bootlegs and hard to find stuff of my favorite artists. It’s in that style that these songs were recorded.

A couple years back I put up a song called dream45 which I recorded straight onto my phone. I know that’s probably a bit of a no no in professional terms but I felt it was needed at the time. I got a pretty amazing response to it so it encouraged me to do an EP of completely stripped down songs. Gah! I’m dying to share them with you! Man o man! Also, I want to let you know that it is solely because of your interest and support of my music that I’m able to make this happen. You guys have shown me such amazing encouragement and honestly doing this makes me happier than I can even explain. I had no idea what people would think of what I write. I write in many different styles and always had it in my head that there had to be a band. But with these types of song they are actually far better suited as pure and bare as when written.

My favorite track is White Lillie’s which is a song I wrote and sing as a duet with my dear friend Mel Sanson who is a great singer songwriter.  If you go over to my YouTube channel you can hear a teaser of it. It’s funny this mix of elation and nervous excitement. Sharing music you’ve written from the heart it is kind of like taking off all your clothes, or taking off your skin & showing all of your insides. Odd metaphor I know but it is that personal. That said it is also Art so you have to push your fears aside and give it openly and freely come what may. The EP, RAW LIVE LO-FI (photography by Valentina Socci) is available on CD and Cassette! We’ve made some truly wickedly cool Tees! Hearts & Daggers Tee with Art Sigil on the back, Dream 45 & Tape Cassette T (designed by Richard Pashley) and a seriously badass Hearts & Daggers Hoodie with RAW LIVE LO-FI on the back plus other fun stuff to go along with the music that I think / hope you guys will dig. I want to wear it all so hopefully you will too! Lol! 


The first 100 folks who order will get a very cool little surprise from yours truly as well ;) 

Thank you to those of you who’ve been sharing your music and also thank you for your comments, your encouragement, your support and your Love. 
It still blows my mind that I’m even able to do this! 10 years ago it wouldn’t have been possible like this so again

Thank You guys XOXO!

RVs, White Lillies & Nancy Tees!  

Hello and Bonjour, 

2018 is here, a new year begins and with it great promise and all of our combined hopes that it will be a better year than 2017. I hope that it is treating you all well so far? For those of you who follow me on Social Media, you know that last year I was blessed with being able to travel all around the US in a home on wheels aka an RV. I had the most amazing time and I promised to write about my adventures and I will hold to that promise. It has been about a month and a half since I returned that Beast of an RV and oh do I miss that Beast!!! The Gbear is very happy to have his yard back and be with his many furry friends. I don’t think he liked the traveling as much as I did however I was very impressed with his travel cat abilities. He became a protector and would stay up all night looking out the windows and meowing loudly if he felt anything to be threatening. I’ve never in all my days had a protector cat. He’s pretty unique though in many ways. 

Towards the end of last year, a very dear friend of mine and great singer/songwriter Mel Sanson came out to visit and while hanging out, found that we sing very well together. I had written a dark folk song called White Lillies and she figured out a really lovely harmony to it. We set up some microphones at the place downtown she was staying and we recorded the song together right there and then. No fancy studio or expensive gear just two friends singing a song. 
I played an acoustic guitar and it came out sounding so beautiful that I’ve decided to share it with you. There is truly something to be said about playing and singing a song live, no tricks, no fancy effects or digital splicing. Just playing the song in it’s barest form in one single take. I love the intimacy of hearing an Artists breath, the squeaking of the strings and the humanity in the performance. These days Music is often very processed and I think that our ears have become accustomed to hearing music that way. When a track is raw though sometimes it can be far more powerful. It depends on the song, the performer, the day it was recorded etc. I am in the process of creating the cover art for it and am going to have it mastered. I seriously can’t wait to share it with you! It’s been so cool, as I record and release music lots of musicians have shared their music with me via the web. I love discovering new music, new artists and their work so thank you if you were one of those people. 

On another note, ( no pun intended), In response to many emailed requests I am going to be making a new limited edition Tee Shirt for those of you who are die hard Nancy from The Craft fans. I will be using, with permission, the beautiful artwork of the Artist Robert Heckman who made a lovely oil painting of Nancy. He is such a gifted artist. 
Last year I was invited to attend some movie conventions and it was truly humbling to learn how much love folks have for that character and that film. Many people asked me if I would make some Nancy shirts so I am obliging. I always order the very best and softest Tee shirts I can find. I love it when they’re soft. The tee shirts will be available for a limited time only and you will have the option of ordering them signed by yours truly if you so wish. 

I will write more soon and until then, Happy 2018 and I hope you all enjoy the upcoming Full Blue Moon/Blood Moon! I am so excited, I hope the skies will be clear enough for me to see it. 

Much Love to you my friends. 

Summer, Full Moons, Baby Birds and Raccoons!  

Hello All, 

Well...... summer is definitely inarguably here. I sit in the garden in what has now cooled to 94 degree heat (nothing compared to Vegas or the desert) but still pretty darned hot. All the critters have their babies out learning to fly, dig, climb and grow. One thing about California where I always end up coming back to is that nature abounds and grows so plentiful that there is almost nothing that cannot grow here. I imagine polar bears wouldn't be too impressed but then again they're polar bears. 
Two new sets of kits from the Raccoon tribes have arrived as well as baby squirrels, baby skunkletts and new baby hummingbirds, baby Mantids, baby California slender Salamanders, many different butterflies and dragonflies to name a few! 
I am lucky that I am able finally to slow down long enough to notice the abundance of beauty around me. Learning how to grow things has been a great experience. I used to have a black thumb when it came to anything apart from plants that basically took care of themselves. Through my studies of Herbs and Orchids I've had to learn to curb my over/under watering tendencies. I had to learn to slow down, to be patient and to observe the plants to  know when to give them what they need. To some I know the idea of this is beyond boring but it's very rewarding to see a small amount of effort and interest turn into an entire garden filled with life. The plants are what has attracted all the wildlife I'm always going on about. If you create a beautiful safe space for the critters and keep some clean water out for them ( they need this more than you know) they will come to you. They sense it. I've always been a cat rescue person, blessed in that way but to also get to know all this wildlife has been incredible. Did you know that Raccoons use tools?! Science is under the impression that only Ravens and apes use tools but Raccoons do too! They're so clever is mind boggling. They get along well with the skunks although the skunks are definitely the bosses. 
I could go on and on about those guys... 
 On another note I've been writing some new songs that I'm actually quite pleased with and hopefully will be able to record. Musicians though god love them/ I should say "Us " are notoriously hard to pin down as most are ever touring or recording their own stuff so things haven't happened as fast as I'd like them to however one way or another I believe it will happen. Thank you so much to every person who took the time to subscribe to my YouTube page and write in about the music. It means so much to me, it really does. To know that what I write resonates with people is what it's all about. That's what music is for! 
I've been working on my Art as well. Most recently I realized that I lean far too heavily towards obsessive perfectionism to the point that It often blocks me off. I destroy 99.999 percent of what I make. As an experiment I decided to take the control away completely by putting down the calligraphy pens and brushes and instead using things that I cannot control like sticks, pine needles, the edges of leaves. It's very much like being a child again in terms of freeing you up from those constraints of hyper focus on controlled lines. 
I started drawing sketch ideas this way with India Ink , some Abstract works and some of the idea of Angels and saints. There are so many different interpretations of what those beings could look like. Early Judaic descriptions are fiery and terrifyingly severe multi winged flame eyed beings of light. I've only really just begun to study saints but I like the idea. People who were touched by grace or madness or the divine. These days they'd probably be categorized as either Artists or mad people or maybe both. 
I mean as Artists that is what we strive towards, to essentially be a conduit to the powers that be, the muse, the inspiration, so it can come through us. 
It isn't often that it happens but when it does the feeling is so wonderful. 
A film I worked on called "Battle Scars" opens this week in theatres and video on demand so that's exciting. The production has been tweeting on my page so for more info on that you can follow they're links. Some of you who haven't been following me on twitter for long have asked if I've quit acting. The answer to that is a resounding NO! However, I am very selective these days insofar as what I choose to put my time and energy into. It has to be a project I believe in. Life is too short to waste time on bad Art. I've made around 73 films or some number around there and I hope to be able to continue to act until I'm an old lady. That's partly why I stepped away from doing a ton of press when I did. They love to misrepresent actors, when it comes to me especially. If you are too omnipresent you can wear your self out and others. It's also a very good thing to be able to explore other art forms. 
It has made me a much happier person and I am so grateful that I can spend time doing the things I also love like Art and Music. I want to thank every person who has helped to support these endeavors of mine through the Tshirts, photos and Art sales. I <3 you very much for this. You are awesomeness incarnate. 
Huge Kisses and hugs to every single one of you, you know who you are;). 
For those of you who have read the previous blogs you'll know that I have been trying to help my Mother recover from a serious back injury. It turns out she has acute osteoporosis as well so her recovery is taking a long and arduous time. She is unable to teach so we came up with the idea of making her an Etsy store. She has been a collector of amazing beautiful treasures all of her adventurous and well travelled life and had hoped to one day have a store of her own. Being though that she cannot run a physical shop and We live in different countries we came up with the Etsy Idea. I am extremely new to this whole thing and luckily we have had some friendly help getting it up and running. I didn't want her to be directly accessible to trolls either ( who needs that right?) so questions are answered by a third party. 
She has some really pretty amazing stuff, things I certainly never knew she had, very cool indeed. A veritable treasure trove :) 
If you would like to go have a look you can find the store at 
There is another store by that name in the US but no items listed so if you end up there then you'll know it's not the right spot. 
I think Etsy is cool as it gives individuals the ability to get their goods out there whether it's handmade items or antiques or vintage clothes. One thing that is a bit of a mystery is how to get the store seen and I'm told getting the store liked, shared and favorited is essential to it's success so if you do go for a look see please remember to favorite her shop and share it if you would! Many thanks from all of us in advance for your kindness:) 
It is A full moon tonight! Clear skies here so I'm hoping to have a great view of La Luna in all her glowing beauty. 
There is much more to tell but this blog is getting pretty long at this point and I'm in the garden being roasted alive & the battery is going on this machine so I will bid you a fond adieu for now my friends. 
Happy Full Moon!!!!! 


Ps. My Official Instagram is

Hello all!:) 

Well, Spring has definitely arrived in all of her splendor in California. We have had the craziest rains, more rain than there's been in many years. The reservoirs are once again full and nature is just exploding in all her glory everywhere you look. I am especially happy to see that some of the wild flowers that were endangered are back namely wild blue lupines. I'm seeing them all over, on sides of freeways,growing in empty lots, in people's gardens and even some in my own garden. I found a hummingbirds nest that had been discarded or perhaps dislodged by the winds. It is the tiniest most exquisite example of the brilliance of these tiny marvels. Imagine having to build and weave your home with your mouth and your feet alone?! Pretty amazing engineering. They wove tiny thistle down into tiny balls then wove them together and coated the outside in tiny pieces of wood, bark and grass. It is a tiny work of art that I will always treasure. 

I am also very happy to have two new Tee shirts that we are offering on my site that I hope you will like as much as I  enjoy designing them. As you know I am an Artist and these Tee shirts help to support my endeavors in Art and Music. I am so grateful to all of you who have shown interest and support to me. It has given me a lot of confidence and pride to see that you like my artwork and music for what it is, not just because I am also an actor. I have come to a very clear realization. I want to put my focus, my energy into creating Art that I love, that I believe in and that I truly enjoy making. With your support I am hoping to be moving forward on some of the goals I have had for years but that I had to put aside. After last year I think I had to take some time to heal, to regroup after so many personal losses. I know this was the case for many of us. These kinds of life changes really affect one deeply and in order for art to come through you, you have to allow time to process. I feel finally like I am coming through it, the doors are beginning to open again as I have been writing new music, drawing and designing new work for both sculptural and painted /mixed media work. 

The other day a friend on twitter mentioned that he had been in a creative rut. 

We all find ourselves in these ruts from time to time. The biggest lesson I've been learning lately is that when you find yourself unable or unsure as to how to move forward, a good way to help get you through it is to just start doing, start experimenting without any expectations. It's not something that I do easily as I am by nature a perfectionist and very harsh judge of my own work. If you work/play solely with the intent of exploring, you open yourself up, give yourself room to just explore and have fun. Remember fun? Yeah exactly. I love that saying " Dance like no one's watching". It's that feeling applied to whatever form of creativity you choose. It's been working well for me. 

Normally autumn is my favorite time of year but this spring has been so beautiful it might just take 1st place. I know in many places winter has decided to extend itself way beyond the beyond dumping snow and crazy weather on tons of folks. Hopefully that is now out of the way for those of you reading this who've been experiencing that! I hope that wherever you are spring is finally arriving for you too. 

Ok, I guess I will sign off for now as this wee note got rather longer than intended! 

Many thanks again for your love, your support, your friendship, and your ideas and feedback. You guys are the BEST! 

Much Love 


Armed Love Militia Spring Merchandise Pre Order 

By popular demand, I’m super excited to introduce to you Our Lady Of Armed Love limited Edition T shirts are now available for purchase! Also available are limited edition "It Gets Different" Lolo Tee shirts as well as patches, pins badges and stickers! As part of the ongoing ALM project, we are now offering some truly awesome goodies! 
All designed by yours truly! :D As always I package up and post out everything for you guys myself. 
This is a Pre Order, available from now until 15th May. 
As a big thank you to the first 50 orders, I will include a special surprise, that I think you’re going to love ;) 
Thank you all for your continued support with my ALM venture…. It really means the world. I’m working on some new music, which I hope to share with you guys soon! 
All my love, F xxx

Pre order here

Don't forget to own your own power and don't forget that you have it.  

Hello My friends, 

Well here we are in February now, craziest February I can remember in terms of world craziness anyway. As I write this I'm sitting on my balcony watching it rain and smelling that wonderful scent of rain on Earth. The Small things, little blessings are important to stop and notice. I will take them wherever I can find them. 

I am ever awe struck at the compassion and outpouring of love that you guys via social media have shown me, my Mum and My kitties. Blackie and Baby passed within 1 week of each other both from Cancer. My solace is found in knowing that our souls continue on. This is my belief. Death is a part of the package of the gift of life and though it is a hard hard experience to go through that never seems to get easier it is the price we must pay for getting to share our lives with the ones we Love. I wanted to thank you all again so very much for the prayers you have sent us. 

I had a strong dream early this morning, one of those dreams where there is a very definite message. The message of this dream was 

Don't forget to own your own power and don't forget that you have it. 

This stayed with me all day circling in my head as I tried to digest it. Many of us have been feeling overwhelmed by feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness in the face of such challenging times both politically and personally. It is hard to feel powerful when things seem to be so far out of our hands. This is why I think it is so important to find ways of stopping ourselves from being swallowed up by this worldwide all pervading sense of doom. If you look back into history you'll find that the great movements of change were times of huge upheaval and difficulty but people supported one another. People stayed strong in their beliefs and held fast to the knowledge that they did have the power to change things for the better. They were ready to fight to the last for their beliefs to never give up and so should we. 

It is not the time to stay quiet and hope it all fixes itself and I think we are all aware of this. In the midst of all this chaotic trouble however it is so important to remember to also find the ways of stopping it all, taking time to ground out and re center ourselves. We all are powerful, far more so than I think we even realize. 

We are starting to understand this and it gives me great hope and confidence. 

Making Art has always been one of the best ways I've found to slow it all down and ground myself. Also to express the things I don't know how to say. Lately it has been an enormous comfort to me. A while back I had an idea for a series of drawings that I wanted to do but I hadn't quite worked out how to do them. 

I've always been interested in sacred alphabets and their use in the creation of Sigils in particular for use in meditation. 

I started a series of Art Sigils in India Ink with a Calligraphy Pen using an alphabet I created that is inspired by theban and Angelic scripts. I also started a series of drawings made in the style of Calligraphic Figurative Art using the Berber Tiffanegh script. Fun stuff. I will be posting some of them as I make them on my website and I'm thinking of offering them for sale also as I think for those of us who like to use them they can be helpful ;) 

I also have found an amazing new wax for the candles that is just fantastic. It holds more scent and burns even cleaner ( very exciting for a chandler) so I have them currently on sale for 1/3 of their normal price on

I am one of those people who is very sensitive to chemicals in perfume and scent. Most scented candles give me headaches or nausea. I created these scents with an amazing classically trained perfumer specifically so as not to have these affects on folks who are sensitive like me. 

They are made to order though by hand so please do be patient and look at the processing time stated. 

Anyways I also wanted to mention something else. 

Getting to know some of you online has been such a cool experience. Getting to share things I'm interested in and getting to share the things you post. I really enjoy it. When you make films you just do your job, you give it all you have to give and then you let it go. There are no applause, no feedback like there is with theatre or music. You just do the project then you move on. Getting to hear that this work I've given my life to affects people and that they really appreciate it means so much to me. I never realized how much it affected some folks. It makes all the years of sacrifice and hard work worth it to know that it did something out there in the world. So Thank you. Thank you for the love and support you give me and have given me and Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I love hearing them. 

Love and best wishes to you all 



The Possibilities Are Endless 

Well my friends here we are in a brand new 365 day tour of life. At the stroke of midnight I took my pans and wooden spoon outside and screamed and banged the old year out with screams of Happy New Year and ushered in the new with the same. It was dead quiet outside in the darkness. The rain had politely decided to stop for the cross over and my shouts echoed out into night. Someone somewhere fired a single shot from a .45. Ahh Los Angeles...... 

This morning/ afternoon I heated up my banana bread which although tasty had failed to rise which should have been no surprise as it was technically made in 2016! Hah! What a year man, what a year. 

I walked out to the garden and found that my young fig trees which had turned to sticks and died, had grown full on leaves and out of the blue were not only alive but covered in green! I took this to be a good omen. Things are not as they seem in this life. 

The thing I keep thinking today is that all the losses of 2016, the struggles, ALL of it good and bad is now past. That's why they call it THE PAST, because it has passed. I know that sounds ridiculously simple but it's true. Much of last year for me was spent in shock waves, one after the other as family members, best friends, extended family, fellow artist friends were  plucked out of existence. 

At the same time I was fighting to help keep other loved ones and family alive. 

It is going to take time to process it all. For now though It is a new year, a new day, a new moment. 

When we are young we are completely aware that each day is totally open to new possibilities. As we grow older and go through more experiences we start to assume. We assume that we know where things are headed, or how things are most likely to play out but this is false and frankly ridiculous. We can never truly know how things will go or what's in store for us or others. That is the one thing we can count on is that the possibilities truly are endless if we choose to see them that way. That is the tricky bit. Catching one's consciousness when it tries to tell us "it knows what's going on". 

These patterns are ultimately what either holds us back or moves us forward. 

So in the spirit of embracing the fact that we can never know what's coming so there is a chance that it could be absolutely amazingly brilliant, I welcome in this new year of 2017. 

My Mantra- 





They truly are. 

I wish each of you, your families, furry ones and friends a surprisingly blessed new year. 

Much Love