Original Drawings & Fine Art by Fairuza, now in the store! 

Sigil Collection Sigils are used as a tool for meditation. Fairuza was inspired by her study of ancient languages and the early alphabets of cuneiform, the Berber Tiffanegh alphabet and the Medieval secret alphabets. 

Fairuza created her own secret alphabet. By combining the letters and working with them to create an aesthetically pleasing artistic shape she converts a name or goal word into a Sigil. 

This is a lengthy process and requires a meditative state to accomplish. 

Fairuza is currently working on a new budy of Artwork comprised of these Sigils. 

Sacred Art Collection  

Each piece is a poem or piece of writing of mine that has been translated into to English from the Berber sacred Tiffanegh alphabet. When purchased you will receive the code to translate the piece. India ink on heavy weight mix media paper. 

Vintage Military Custom ALM Jacket *Hand Painted by Fairuza* 
Signed Photographs & Art Prints! 

Art prints are signed and printed on archival quality heavy weight fine art paper. 
Signed Photographs are printed on glossy ultra photo paper.
Please expect 2-6 weeks processing time, depending on what you purchase, as all orders are prepared custom for you! 

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