Hello World

I thought I would drop a quick note to say hello from the great outdoors. Back in March after getting the worlds worst stomach flu ( at least I think that’s what it was but these days who knows)I started having very bad chaotic nightmares once again of the city burning and going basically nuts. I had them every night and I realized I had had these same dreams years ago. They’re the impetus for a song I wrote called Dream45. Anyway Covid was just starting to take hold and lockdown had begun where I lived at the time. I did that briefly then realized I might get stuck and heeding the nightly nightmares I packed up my essentials and headed up to see it through with my family and Father. I decided not to comment not to go online at all in fact. I’m tired of watching the insanity and being scared out of my wits. My niece and sister in law are both Nurses and have been incredibly brave in dealing with this new viruses effect on the population. All the frontline workers and everyone dealing directly with this pandemic are super heroes in my book. It’s that simple. 

Me, I’ve had to focus on taking care of a family member who became ill. Some of you are still awaiting your orders and I thank you for your patience. I am getting them out as fast as I can but there is a back log. I’m not a small business. I don’t farm things out either. What I do for fans is done by my own hand so thank you for understanding that. Getting things in the post has been interesting. All of it has been. All of you still waiting will be getting your things I promise:) 

On the upside of being tucked away, far away, I’m having some time for creativity which is a blessing. For the longest time that light was just switched off. Toogs is well, Gingey is well and I am also thankfully. 

I’m going to keep this relatively short tonight but I want to send my heart and my Love out to every one of you. This time is a big huge test for the world. Class is definitely in session. I love you guys and I know I’m always saying thank you but I’m going to say it again. Thank you for supporting me, my creative endeavors and my work. Without you I wouldn’t be able to do any of it! 

You’re all in my prayers and always will be ❤️