Hello one and all! 

As we all know here on this side of the planet all things spring are springing. May Day / Beltane came and all of nature around me seemed to rejoice. It was a very long, cold, long, dark, long, winter, have I mentioned it felt very long yet? 

I couldn’t be more grateful for the arrival of the sun and the beginnings of warmth coming back. I love watching what the animals do this time of year and I try to get out and hike and walk as much as I can safely. So In celebration of Spring I am making the ALM music available via streaming services. You guys have been very patient in waiting so long for this and I thank you once again for all of your comments and support in it’s creation. I’m going to record some more music this year and am hoping to do some recording with my dad who is an amazing musician when and if he can. He started teaching me how to play a couple new instruments in this past year that I’ve been with him, a Greek instrument called a Bouzouki and a Turkish instrument called a Cumbus. Very tricky instruments as they’re tuning and scales have quarter notes and half tones etc. fretless instruments are even harder so at least they have frets! I’ve got that going for me.

Learning to play these instruments and learning the art of silver/gold smithing has been amazing and has been what’s gotten me through this past nightmare year. There are many ancient traditions and meanings involved in the making of jewelery for us. It isn’t just learning to smith and to cut stones. There are spiritual and healing aspects in their creation that are very important. My Dad specialized in making ceremonial pieces, working pieces. When I say working I mean that they are created for a specific purpose, to do a specific job such as protection or healing, and some are meant to be worn only for special medicine ceremonies. I’ve been wanting to learn this from him my whole life so it is a great honor to be able to spend the time with him, to practice and to learn from him. It requires true dedication and a true desire to learn, it isn’t a skill one steps into lightly. I will share some photos as I go with you guys. 

Living mobile is an entirely different way of life but thankfully I have experience with it so it hasn’t been too big of a shocking change. The years of traveling to do the shows was what introduced me back into it and I LOVE IT! 

I have great hope for us all as vaccine distribution has become available and I just hope and pray that folks will take care of themselves and their loved ones so that we can move forward into the future. 

I am reminded every single day when I wake up and look out my windows just how lucky I am to still be here on this plane of existence. 

You guys send me so much love through the internet and I want you to know that I send it all right back to you in kind. This pandemic has shown me once again that we are all interconnected, all life is interconnected. At times it feels completely the opposite as we have had to isolate so much but we really are all in this together whether we like it, believe in it or not. It’s just a fact. 

I listened to the Armed Love Militia music after not hearing it for a time and I am proud of it. It’s very personal actually about as personal as it gets. I’m so glad to be able to share it with you. Thank you for your patience regarding the store and for your love. I think I must be one of the luckiest people around, that I get so much love from folks I don’t even really know because of the work I’ve chosen to do and the Art I make. Amazing. 

I must go make some food now and get back to biz. But I love you and send you big hugs, I send you light, healing and strength. No matter how hard it is, has been or may get, you have so much more strength in you than you realize. It’s in there, likely stays hidden for when you truly have to dig deep but trust, it is in there. 

TOOGY sends her love, she is HUGE by the way, Gingey says “bbbbrrrrMrrraow”- cat for Hello!! 

The blue jay outside my window who I’ve named cheeky blue because he truly is the cheekiest bird I’ve ever encountered is asking for peanuts..... life continues, is renewing and we move forward. One foot in front of the other, we just keep moving forward. 

I love you guys, I really do. 

Ok I’m off.