Happy Day Of Being Thankful!!

HI everyone ! I hope that you are all finding ways to be thankful today and hopefully, if you are lucky, having a feast of some kind.

I’ve spent the day thinking of every single thing I am grateful for from the most basic things, the essential, the old, the new, all of it.

I found this photo of a woman joyfully cuddling with her Turkey. She seems to be so happy as does the Turkey. In my mind they are best friends, the Turkey accompanies her on all of her chores as well as celebrations. Maybe they have a double act where they bring a brass band along and the Turkey balances on her head and lifts one leg to do an arabesque, “ look ma! No wings”! Maybe they are planning a European tour with dreams of visiting the other continents! Truck Turkey!! There’s a film I love called “Time of the Gypsies” where the protagonist has a pet Turkey that he teaches tricks to. They gave a wonderful relationship. If you have never seen it, definitely search it out. It’s a truly great film.

I’ve been having a really great time with my new Patreon getting to know all of  these wonderful, funny, creative, brilliant people. There’s a new feature called Community chat where not only the creator but also the Patrons can post photos and videos and because of this feature it really is becoming a community for creatives. I absolutely love it, so if you’d like to come and chat please join me! I’m there every day frankly because it’s just too fun!

I’m going to be adding more of my music and personal videos. Having a website is great but it’s sort of a one sided endeavor whereas with Patreon I can actually communicate with people. Love it!! So in closing I just want to send out love to each and every single one of you today and tell you that I am grateful to know you. If you are on your own and or cannot be with family this Thanksgiving I hope you remember to think of all of the things in your life that bring you joy, bring you wisdom, all of the good things in your life that you are grateful for. Thinking of those things one by one will bring joy  to your heart. We’re here! We’re ALIVE!! That in and of itself is a pretty huge blessing.

My love to you all and if you have a pet Turkey give him a cuddle for me!!:)