Happy Fall Equinox!!

Today I woke up realizing that today is the last day of this boiling summer and the beginning of Fall. Last night I took a walk and saw the first of the All Hallows’ decorations and it made me smile. 

It’s been an odd summer in so many ways. I’m glad for the coming of Fall. I’m ready. 

I’m finally nearing the end of the pre order campaign orders :) Thanks to everyone who participated in that and thank you for the lovely responses, you guys are the best. 

Today is a day where we are meant to take stock in what we’ve gotten done thus far this year, what we still want to achieve and to be grateful for all of it, the good and the bad. The time of Harvest can be interpreted in many ways. 

“Every day is a school day” as they say. 

Being a caregiver for the past few years has been a steep learning curve and to any of you out there who are suffering with illness or who are doing what I’m doing right now, taking care of someone who is Struggling will illness, I commend you, I send you my love and I tip my hat to you. 

Love is the most powerful force on Earth. It is stronger than Rage, stronger than Hate, Fear, stronger than anything else and can move mountains when needed. 

Today is a good day to remember that. 

Although much of life is beyond our personal control, our will to manifest what we need and want for our lives is a very real force. Energy travels and Directed energy travels even faster. 

This isn’t some fluffy bunny ooga-wooga I’m talking about, it’s just scientific fact. 

We are, each of us, the captains of our own ship. 

If you are reading this, you’ve followed me, my career in Art then I know that you know what I’m talking about. I’m just giving you a gentle reminder and myself as well. 

So I hope that wherever you are in the world, you can take a few moments today or tonight to sit back, look at what you’ve accomplished, what you’re going to accomplish and give yourself a decent pat on the back and know that I’m sending you my love, my thanks and 


Happy Fall my Dears, Happy Fall. 

Lots of love