Songs and blogs and skunks oh my.

Happy Labor Day weekend folks! 

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday in whatever form you see fit. 
It’s hot hot hot in Cali but I’m not complaining because at least it isn’t in the 100’s. 
So in light of my pre order 3 song EP campaign I thought I’d say an extra big thank you to everyone who has decided to support the music, those that are planning on it and those who are helping me spread the word! THANK YOU! MUCHAS GRACIAS! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!! NAIS TUKE!! 
If you haven’t shared the link for the campaign PLEASE DO!! I need ALL of your help to get it out there as this is about at independent as an Artist can get! Lol! That really is the big difference of being in a label as they have the ability to get your music heard far and wide. We’re doing this with People Power though and we are a force to be reckoned with are we not!? So please share the hell out of it for me and Thank you for All you’ve done already!!! 
The song I posted a snippet of White Lillies was written maybe 8 years ago. I’m a huge fan of Appalachian and traditional folk music, the starker and more haunting the better. My father has so many of these ancient songs in his brain and taught me several as a teen and I was hooked. There’s something about the way they are sung and played that just hits your heart like a beautiful painful dagger. I’m hoping to be able to record some of them with him. He said he was up for it So universe willing I’ll be able to share that with you guys in the near future ( fingers crossed )! 

This song basically wrote itself. I don’t have a good story about how I was trying to express a certain something rather this time it just came. I sat down to play my guitar and the chord progression formed then the words just came to me like I was listening to a voice singing them. Really kind of a mysterious thing when I think about it. The lyrics speak of a lover Mourning the loss of the beloved, eternally searching for them through eternity, calling out to them through song like a Siren to try and find them again, to be reunited. Also a warning that should the song be heard by a strangers ears the curse that befell the beloved could land on them as well. 

Music is such a mysterious thing. I truly do believe that sometimes if you’re lucky it does just arrive, or comes through you from another place entirely. Perhaps it lives in the collective unconscious already and we just tap into it from time to time. When you listen to Mozart or Bach it seems like they must have been tapped in to some other sphere of consciousness to be able to write such incredible music and so prolifically. Of course having training in classical music and theory is a huge part of it for geniuses like them but there is something otherworldly in their music for sure. 

I’ll often hear music or songs in my head both waking and while dreaming and wonder if they already exist or if I created them myself. It doesn’t really matter I suppose but I do wonder. I had recorded it a while back on my own playing a bass 6 and it sounded good but something always felt like it was missing. Mel Sanson my very talented singer/songwriter friend came in and we did it as a duet and finally FINALLY it sounded the way it had in my head! Joy! That’s one thing about songwriting, you know the difference intrinsically between when it’s not quite there and when it’s right. This felt beyond right and it was like breathing a huge sigh of relief that it was finally done. I’m really thrilled that you guys are liking it so far. I didn’t know if the style was too different for people. You never know until you share it though right? Thank you for all the positive feedback and all the love you’ve given me and my music. 

I’m sitting outside writing this on my phone and this huge green iridescent beetle just flew over and landed on my knee, fluttered his wings, wiggled his rump then flew off again so obviously he says HI! To all of you too:) 

Oh yes- apologies for the quirks in the store, should be fixed now but sorry about that AND we now have 3XL sizes for you should you be so inclined :) 

I Love You 
I Hug you 
And I hope you all had a great weekend