ALM Debut EP - RAW LIVE LO-FI - Pre order now!

So, at long last I’m gonna be sharing new music with you! Those of you who have been with me on Social Media for a while now will know that I write sing and play music and have since I was toodling around as a kid. My Music/Art Collaborative project Armed Love Militia has produced a very unique EP of songs that are recorded Live, Raw, one take, Lo-Fi & uncut sounding exactly as they do in the room. I am really proud of them.

We live in a time where almost every piece of music we hear has been digitally adjusted, pieced and patched, auto tuned and altered to be beyond perfect. Nothing wrong with it either but the performances I love best are almost always the live ones. I love hearing the breaths of the artist and the intimacy that live recordings have. I was always the one looking for cool bootlegs and hard to find stuff of my favorite artists. It’s in that style that these songs were recorded.

A couple years back I put up a song called dream45 which I recorded straight onto my phone. I know that’s probably a bit of a no no in professional terms but I felt it was needed at the time. I got a pretty amazing response to it so it encouraged me to do an EP of completely stripped down songs. Gah! I’m dying to share them with you! Man o man! Also, I want to let you know that it is solely because of your interest and support of my music that I’m able to make this happen. You guys have shown me such amazing encouragement and honestly doing this makes me happier than I can even explain. I had no idea what people would think of what I write. I write in many different styles and always had it in my head that there had to be a band. But with these types of song they are actually far better suited as pure and bare as when written.

My favorite track is White Lillie’s which is a song I wrote and sing as a duet with my dear friend Mel Sanson who is a great singer songwriter.  If you go over to my YouTube channel you can hear a teaser of it. It’s funny this mix of elation and nervous excitement. Sharing music you’ve written from the heart it is kind of like taking off all your clothes, or taking off your skin & showing all of your insides. Odd metaphor I know but it is that personal. That said it is also Art so you have to push your fears aside and give it openly and freely come what may. The EP, RAW LIVE LO-FI (photography by Valentina Socci) is available on CD and Cassette! We’ve made some truly wickedly cool Tees! Hearts & Daggers Tee with Art Sigil on the back, Dream 45 & Tape Cassette T (designed by Richard Pashley) and a seriously badass Hearts & Daggers Hoodie with RAW LIVE LO-FI on the back plus other fun stuff to go along with the music that I think / hope you guys will dig. I want to wear it all so hopefully you will too! Lol! 


The first 100 folks who order will get a very cool little surprise from yours truly as well ;) 

Thank you to those of you who’ve been sharing your music and also thank you for your comments, your encouragement, your support and your Love. 
It still blows my mind that I’m even able to do this! 10 years ago it wouldn’t have been possible like this so again

Thank You guys XOXO!