Summer, Full Moons, Baby Birds and Raccoons!

Hello All, 

Well...... summer is definitely inarguably here. I sit in the garden in what has now cooled to 94 degree heat (nothing compared to Vegas or the desert) but still pretty darned hot. All the critters have their babies out learning to fly, dig, climb and grow. One thing about California where I always end up coming back to is that nature abounds and grows so plentiful that there is almost nothing that cannot grow here. I imagine polar bears wouldn't be too impressed but then again they're polar bears. 
Two new sets of kits from the Raccoon tribes have arrived as well as baby squirrels, baby skunkletts and new baby hummingbirds, baby Mantids, baby California slender Salamanders, many different butterflies and dragonflies to name a few! 
I am lucky that I am able finally to slow down long enough to notice the abundance of beauty around me. Learning how to grow things has been a great experience. I used to have a black thumb when it came to anything apart from plants that basically took care of themselves. Through my studies of Herbs and Orchids I've had to learn to curb my over/under watering tendencies. I had to learn to slow down, to be patient and to observe the plants to  know when to give them what they need. To some I know the idea of this is beyond boring but it's very rewarding to see a small amount of effort and interest turn into an entire garden filled with life. The plants are what has attracted all the wildlife I'm always going on about. If you create a beautiful safe space for the critters and keep some clean water out for them ( they need this more than you know) they will come to you. They sense it. I've always been a cat rescue person, blessed in that way but to also get to know all this wildlife has been incredible. Did you know that Raccoons use tools?! Science is under the impression that only Ravens and apes use tools but Raccoons do too! They're so clever is mind boggling. They get along well with the skunks although the skunks are definitely the bosses. 
I could go on and on about those guys... 
 On another note I've been writing some new songs that I'm actually quite pleased with and hopefully will be able to record. Musicians though god love them/ I should say "Us " are notoriously hard to pin down as most are ever touring or recording their own stuff so things haven't happened as fast as I'd like them to however one way or another I believe it will happen. Thank you so much to every person who took the time to subscribe to my YouTube page and write in about the music. It means so much to me, it really does. To know that what I write resonates with people is what it's all about. That's what music is for! 
I've been working on my Art as well. Most recently I realized that I lean far too heavily towards obsessive perfectionism to the point that It often blocks me off. I destroy 99.999 percent of what I make. As an experiment I decided to take the control away completely by putting down the calligraphy pens and brushes and instead using things that I cannot control like sticks, pine needles, the edges of leaves. It's very much like being a child again in terms of freeing you up from those constraints of hyper focus on controlled lines. 
I started drawing sketch ideas this way with India Ink , some Abstract works and some of the idea of Angels and saints. There are so many different interpretations of what those beings could look like. Early Judaic descriptions are fiery and terrifyingly severe multi winged flame eyed beings of light. I've only really just begun to study saints but I like the idea. People who were touched by grace or madness or the divine. These days they'd probably be categorized as either Artists or mad people or maybe both. 
I mean as Artists that is what we strive towards, to essentially be a conduit to the powers that be, the muse, the inspiration, so it can come through us. 
It isn't often that it happens but when it does the feeling is so wonderful. 
A film I worked on called "Battle Scars" opens this week in theatres and video on demand so that's exciting. The production has been tweeting on my page so for more info on that you can follow they're links. Some of you who haven't been following me on twitter for long have asked if I've quit acting. The answer to that is a resounding NO! However, I am very selective these days insofar as what I choose to put my time and energy into. It has to be a project I believe in. Life is too short to waste time on bad Art. I've made around 73 films or some number around there and I hope to be able to continue to act until I'm an old lady. That's partly why I stepped away from doing a ton of press when I did. They love to misrepresent actors, when it comes to me especially. If you are too omnipresent you can wear your self out and others. It's also a very good thing to be able to explore other art forms. 
It has made me a much happier person and I am so grateful that I can spend time doing the things I also love like Art and Music. I want to thank every person who has helped to support these endeavors of mine through the Tshirts, photos and Art sales. I <3 you very much for this. You are awesomeness incarnate. 
Huge Kisses and hugs to every single one of you, you know who you are;). 
For those of you who have read the previous blogs you'll know that I have been trying to help my Mother recover from a serious back injury. It turns out she has acute osteoporosis as well so her recovery is taking a long and arduous time. She is unable to teach so we came up with the idea of making her an Etsy store. She has been a collector of amazing beautiful treasures all of her adventurous and well travelled life and had hoped to one day have a store of her own. Being though that she cannot run a physical shop and We live in different countries we came up with the Etsy Idea. I am extremely new to this whole thing and luckily we have had some friendly help getting it up and running. I didn't want her to be directly accessible to trolls either ( who needs that right?) so questions are answered by a third party. 
She has some really pretty amazing stuff, things I certainly never knew she had, very cool indeed. A veritable treasure trove :) 
If you would like to go have a look you can find the store at 
There is another store by that name in the US but no items listed so if you end up there then you'll know it's not the right spot. 
I think Etsy is cool as it gives individuals the ability to get their goods out there whether it's handmade items or antiques or vintage clothes. One thing that is a bit of a mystery is how to get the store seen and I'm told getting the store liked, shared and favorited is essential to it's success so if you do go for a look see please remember to favorite her shop and share it if you would! Many thanks from all of us in advance for your kindness:) 
It is A full moon tonight! Clear skies here so I'm hoping to have a great view of La Luna in all her glowing beauty. 
There is much more to tell but this blog is getting pretty long at this point and I'm in the garden being roasted alive & the battery is going on this machine so I will bid you a fond adieu for now my friends. 
Happy Full Moon!!!!! 


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