The Possibilities Are Endless

Well my friends here we are in a brand new 365 day tour of life. At the stroke of midnight I took my pans and wooden spoon outside and screamed and banged the old year out with screams of Happy New Year and ushered in the new with the same. It was dead quiet outside in the darkness. The rain had politely decided to stop for the cross over and my shouts echoed out into night. Someone somewhere fired a single shot from a .45. Ahh Los Angeles...... 

This morning/ afternoon I heated up my banana bread which although tasty had failed to rise which should have been no surprise as it was technically made in 2016! Hah! What a year man, what a year. 

I walked out to the garden and found that my young fig trees which had turned to sticks and died, had grown full on leaves and out of the blue were not only alive but covered in green! I took this to be a good omen. Things are not as they seem in this life. 

The thing I keep thinking today is that all the losses of 2016, the struggles, ALL of it good and bad is now past. That's why they call it THE PAST, because it has passed. I know that sounds ridiculously simple but it's true. Much of last year for me was spent in shock waves, one after the other as family members, best friends, extended family, fellow artist friends were  plucked out of existence. 

At the same time I was fighting to help keep other loved ones and family alive. 

It is going to take time to process it all. For now though It is a new year, a new day, a new moment. 

When we are young we are completely aware that each day is totally open to new possibilities. As we grow older and go through more experiences we start to assume. We assume that we know where things are headed, or how things are most likely to play out but this is false and frankly ridiculous. We can never truly know how things will go or what's in store for us or others. That is the one thing we can count on is that the possibilities truly are endless if we choose to see them that way. That is the tricky bit. Catching one's consciousness when it tries to tell us "it knows what's going on". 

These patterns are ultimately what either holds us back or moves us forward. 

So in the spirit of embracing the fact that we can never know what's coming so there is a chance that it could be absolutely amazingly brilliant, I welcome in this new year of 2017. 

My Mantra- 





They truly are. 

I wish each of you, your families, furry ones and friends a surprisingly blessed new year. 

Much Love