Merry Yuletide

Hello my friends. 

I wanted to reach out to all of you and send you my love, Thanks, light and best wishes for your holidays this year. For many of us who have suffered the loss of our loved ones…

Now on Cameo!! Happy October!!!

Hey people! 


I hope you are all out there being your most fabulous selves? It’s been a crazy time for all of us I’m sure. 

I have an announcement to make.l! 

I am now going to be  ( at least…


Hello one and all! 

As we all know here on this side of the planet all things spring are springing. May Day / Beltane came and all of nature around me seemed to rejoice. It was a very long, cold…


Where to begin..... it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written in hasn’t it? What a Flipping year!!!!  

I do love The Fall season. No matter where I am or what’s happening HALLOWEEN has always made me happy and…

Hello World

I thought I would drop a quick note to say hello from the great outdoors. Back in March after getting the worlds worst stomach flu ( at least I think that’s what it was but these days who knows)I started…


I’m gonna get straight to the point here. 

My niece reached out to me because she is a registered nurse in Manhattan and she’s currently on the front lines of this gargantuan pandemic that’s exploded with cases there. She’s seeing…

We're in production! With Toogis doing her yoga

Hello everyone, 

It’s been quite a while so I wanted to write in and let you know that the wonderful goodies from the latest campaign are finally being wrapped one at a time by yours truly and are making their…

RV Life - Spring Road Trip: Part 2

That night, the night we drove through Narnia was a very scary drive. The truck was hydroplaning in black ice a few times. That’s one experience that doesn’t need repeating. The truck took it like a champion I must say…

RV Life - Spring Road Trip: Part 1

Hello all

Im finally back in California after a very long crazy but wonderful journey across the states. My body has landed but my soul still feels like it’s out there traveling around. So now I begin the process of


Pre Order update & White Lillies review

Hello My friends,  

There’s been a slight delay with the recording of one of the EP tracks so we need to push back the pre-order to 30th October.  

As a thank you for your patience, all orders made…


Songs and blogs and skunks oh my.

Happy Labor Day weekend folks! 

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday in whatever form you see fit. 
It’s hot hot hot in Cali but I’m not complaining because at least it isn’t in the 100’s. 
So in light…

ALM Debut EP - RAW LIVE LO-FI - Pre order now!

So, at long last I’m gonna be sharing new music with you! Those of you who have been with me on Social Media for a while now will know that I write sing and play music and have since I…