We're in production! With Toogis doing her yoga

Hello everyone, 

It’s been quite a while so I wanted to write in and let you know that the wonderful goodies from the latest campaign are finally being wrapped one at a time by yours truly and are making their way out across the globe to you my dear dear friends. 

It has taken me a long time to get it all done and I’m not going to go into why and how grieving can derail ones consciousness. I think you are mostly aware of that aspect of life. I am very pleased indeed with how it all turned out and I think you guys are really going to dig your things you ordered! I hope!  

You have been so very wonderfully patient, you truly have and I really do appreciate it. I realize that folks are used to mass produced things, to Amazon and the like, being able to get something in 1 day however I don’t job out because I actually make these things and do care very much about this and you, so do please bear with me a wee bit longer and I assure you everyone will get their goodies. No one has been forgotten it has simply taken longer due to personal circumstances beyond my control. 

October is here and fall is finally upon us after a long sweltering summer. I love this season and am grateful for the coming changes in weather, food and the donning of sweaters, coats and hats. 

In Northern California we actually have seasons unlike Southern California which stays pretty warm all year. I have been writing and working on my book which has been good. My creativity switched off like a lightbulb for a long time but writing is one thing my brain is allowing and I’m grateful for that, it has been a year of huge changes for many of us. Big learning curves, big challenges, great losses, lessons learned and also in turn great blessings.  

I’ve come to appreciate a great many new things as my perspective has been changing.  

I have a new friend in the form of a red eared slider aquatic baby turtle that I rescued and named Toogis aKA Tulip. I’ve never had a turtle before and I find her quite fascinating. I never knew Turtles were so interesting. She wasn’t in good shape when she came to me but now she is confidently able to swim, float, climb and glide. She also does her own form of Yoga or possibly some secret form of turtle tai chi.  

She is funny, curious, and expresses emotion which is something I did not realize turtles did. She has put a smile on my heart.  

Gingey bear King of cats has been recovering slowly but so far so good. It is truly astonishing how he has adapted to life on three legs. In case you have never before read any of my blog entry’s Gingey is my big red Tom cat who got cancer in his front right arm and ended up having to have it amputated in order to save his life. He is a champion among cats and a daily inspiration.  

Thank you my dear friends for your emails, your letters, comments and notes via social media. Thank you for showing me so much love. For all the madness and weirdness in the realms of social media the good parts of it really are something. I thank you sincerely.  

I am very proud and pleased with how the music sounds and I hope you will enjoy it.  

Ok my dears that’s it for now. 

Sending you all much love